Hear What Students Have to Say  
Hundreds of students from around the world have enrolled in Build Your Future's series of courses. Here are just a few of the many comments students have about their experience with the courses:

The copywriting course helped me land my first job that involved copywriting. I've never had formal samples of my writing to show. This course enabled me to develop the copy I needed to prove I could do it.
-L. Fabris, Marcom Professional

As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on writing courses, I can honestly say that Apryl's copywriting expertise, hands-on exercises and mentoring provided me with the valuable tips and copywriting skills I needed to become a successful copywriter in today's competitive, yet thriving writing environment. On a scale from 1 to 10, Apryl is a 15!
-Joe Farinaccio, Freelance Copywriter

WOW, was I impressed. I started the Television News Writing course with no experience and by the end of the course I had a job with a major station affiliate. Apryl is fantastic! Constructive, insightful and very prompt with assignments and replies. If you are serious about your career, donít wait.
-M. Nord, FOX Charlotte

I would highly recommend Apryl Duncanís copywriting courses to anyone considering a career in the field. A sharp writer and outstanding teacher, Apryl thoroughly critiques each assignment Ė giving you insider tips along the way. What you wind up with is a refined portfolio showing potential employers that you have what it takes to do the job well. The classes [The Key to Copywriting and Build Your Advertising Portfolio] certainly helped my career. After a stint writing copy on the corporate side, I am now working for a small agency Ė writing TV, Radio, Print Ads, Educational Brochures, etc. on behalf of multi-national corporations. If youíre serious about copywriting, Aprylís courses are well worth the investment.
-Larry R., Senior Marketing Writer

Thank you again so much for this copywriting course. My confidence level as a writer has grown. Also, my writing has developed more than I could have imagined. I believe my clients have noticed too. I am getting more repeat assignments. Also, my clients have referred me to others. You are the best!
-K. Fuller, Freelance Copywriter

Thanks for the courses, Apryl [Write Your Novel, Exploring Point of View and Captivating Queries]. Itís rare in this business to find someone on the same wavelength. You've taught me a great deal, and I've enjoyed working with you. Iíll certainly pass your name on to others I know needing assistance. My thanks again for your terrific assistance. You are a natural teacher.
-Charles B., Novelist

I highly recommend taking both the Key to Copywriting and Build Your Advertising Portfolio courses. Apryl Duncan is a great instructor, very helpful and educational. She always had great comments and feedback on my writing, which was helpful for my growth as a writer. As a budding freelance copywriter, I learned a tremendous amount from the variety of assignments Apryl had me do, and she really helped me learn how to improve overall. In addition, Build Your Advertising Portfolio really helped me put the final touches on what I needed to market myself in the "real world." Apryl was so helpful every step of the way, and I really appreciated her being open to answering ALL of my myriad of questions. I know that I will be more prepared and ready to market myself as a freelance copywriter because of her help.
-Michelle A., Freelance Copywriter

I don't have enough good things to say about these courses [The Key to Copywriting and Build Your Portfolio]! Apryl really gives the insider advantage that most beginners wish they had. Her very, very many creative and professional tips really helped my copywriting. She gives fantastic specific feedback - one suggestion she gave me was worth twice what I paid for the course!
-K. Green, Freelance Writer

Oh my word! I am actually very sad. I am not ready to stop. This course [Television News Writing] is very productive and your help is beyond tremendous. For that I sincerely thank you for your experience, time and patience. You have taken me to another platform in this short period of time. Words really can not express my gratitude. Once again thank you so much!
-V. Stubbs, Reporter

I love what you have been teaching me in the [Write Your Novel] course. It's like you reached into my head and turned on the light in my brain. I feel so good about this project.
-Melissa A., Novelist

Apryl is not only a top copywriter but a great instructor too. Her willingness to thoroughly answer all the questions I had for her really made this course special. And the convenience of online exchange can't be beat.
-M. Marshall, Technical Copywriter

You are phenomenally helpful. I believe that my muse is much more free now that you've made me aware of the obstacles. And I'm writing more and more in my writing journal.
-Joe P., Fiction Writer

Apryl is an outstanding instructor. Her assignments are carefully thought out and build upon the foundation of the previous ones. I learned a great deal from her assignments and from her willingness to answer the tons of questions that I have. She has been available throughout the course and responded quickly to my posts. If you have a chance, take these courses [The Key to Copywriting and Build Your Portfolio]: they will make you a better writer and help you with learning about the field of copywriting.
-S. Waldrop, Freelance Copywriter

Thank you for your comments. I am SO ready to write this book. Preparation is the key to a fine story, and that is the point of writing a novel, after all. You have helped to focus my story and to think about the other contingencies that might arise. Many thanks!
-Susan L., Novelist

I have enjoyed the courses so much [The Key to Copywriting and Build Your Portfolio]. I have to thank you for your prompt and personal replies and your guidance really helped me achieve a better understanding of the contents. I have now decided to definitely give copywriting a go and am pretty confident that I have the knowledge and understanding to build a career upon.
-Pam P., Copywriter

Thank you very, very much for your responses in the [Key to Copywriting and Build Your Advertising Portfolio] courses. I really enjoyed working with you. I wasn't sure what to expect from an online course, but it's really wonderful and I benefited from this a lot. It really is great to have somebody like you to answer so many questions. I truly appreciate it, because, more and more, I realize that you need to spend so much time on things you work on, and you still patiently answer my posts. That's really thoughtful.
-K. Kot, Freelance Copywriter

I'd been carrying my novel around in my head or in notes in a log on my hard drive and, if I hadn't been asked to organize these characters and plot points into a coherent structure, they might have remained an undeveloped mass of material. The [Write Your Novel] assignments forced me to recognize what was important and what mislead my readers.
-M. Collins, Novelist

Your critiques were great, very helpful. I kept reading your suggested changes and thinking, "Wow! Why didn't I think of that?" and "Oh, I wish I'd written that!" Thanks for the kind words and for the great suggestions.
-Alanna K., Copywriter

Apryl, my thanks for the insightful comments, suggestions and tips! I can't tell you how helpful it is to have your feedback. Everything you wrote is straightforward and clear. You sure do earn your paycheck!
-Dana F., Copywriter