Frequently Asked Questions  

Why should I choose Build Your Future courses?
Each course is specifically designed to help you make your advertising, public relations or even publishing dreams come true. These courses are taken from real-life situations in advertising agencies, marketing teams, public relations firms and even publishing venues. You'll have the inside knowledge needed for success in today's marketplace.

What is the best way to pay?
All transactions are handled through's secure server. PayPal offers you the options of paying by credit card or check. This service never discloses your account numbers or other personal information and each transaction is secured up to $100,000.

How soon can I get started?
You can begin after payment has been verified by PayPal (usually the same day you sign up). You will receive a personalized Welcome Letter and complete course details at the Email address you provided at sign up. Lessons will progress at your own pace. There's no need to worry about pesky deadlines and schedules you'll find with other courses.

I just signed up! What happens next?
Once your enrollment has been processed and your classroom has been set up, you will receive a Welcome Letter with details on how to access your private classroom so you can get started right away. As mentioned above, all of this usually occurs the same day you sign up.

Do I have to complete my courses in a certain amount of time?
No, there is no time limit. Once you enroll in any course, you have an unlimited amount of time to complete your courses. You will have access to your course 24-7 and you never have to worry about deadlines or time limits.

How long will it take me to finish my courses?
You always work at your own pace. Some students finish within weeks. Other students choose to work at a slower rate because that fits in better with their personal schedule. How quickly you finish is up to you.

I see the courses have a private classroom. What does that mean?
Once you enroll, you'll be set up with special access to your private classroom. A folder will be created just for you, with the title of that folder being your name. Only you and your instructor will be able to view the information in your folder. This is how you will communicate with your instructor, post your assignments and ask questions. Complete details on the private classroom will be sent to your Email address upon enrollment.

Can anyone see my lessons or my name?
You don't have to worry about your privacy with Build Your Future. Your name, your assignments and all of your correspondence with your instructor are always protected. Only you and your instructor have access to your classroom. You can't see other students and they can't see you.

I've never taken an online class before. What should I expect?
With the Build Your Future courses, you'll have one instructor, no classmates in your classroom and the freedom to come and go as you please. There are many advantages of taking our online courses, including personal attention, a classroom that's open 24-7 and the convenience of working through your courses at your own pace and in your home.

I took your courses many years ago and would like to access my lessons and assignments. Is that possible?
Absolutely! If you remember the name of your classroom, you can simply go to your classroom and login to see all of your course materials, lessons and feedback on your assignments no matter how long it's been since you took the courses. If you don't remember your login name or how to get to your classroom, just send an Email with your request and access information will be sent to you.

What kind of educational pre-requisites do I need?
None. These courses are for anyone who wants to advance in their career. Most of the time, pre-requisites prohibit hard-working people just like you to take advantage of these types of courses. That's where Build Your Future is different. The only pre-requisite for the courses is your own desire to succeed.

Do I get college credit?
Build Your Future courses are not associated with a college or university. Courses are oriented for those wanting to take their personal goals to the next level. That's why you don't have to deal with deadlines, grades or inconvenient class times.

Can I get a course completion certificate when I finish my courses?
Yes. After you complete a course, simply request a certificate from your instructor. You will be given a link to your personalized, professional certificate that can be downloaded and printed on your computer.

Can I switch courses or get a refund?
If you signed up for the wrong course, just let us know which course you meant to sign up for before you complete your first lesson and you can be switched to the correct one. The difference in course price, if there is one, will be reversed to your PayPal account. If you are a new student and have not accessed your online classroom, your transaction can be reversed minus a $5 processing fee since your classroom setup and enrollment processing will have already begun. Once you have visited your online classroom, you will have access to your course materials as well and a refund cannot be processed.

I would like my employees to take your courses. Is that possible?
Absolutely. Special discounts are available for bulk orders. Your employees can work through these courses together as a group or individually. Either way, your instructor can accommodate any group size. For more information on what Build Your Future can do for your group as well as discounted rates, simply send an Email specifying your desired course(s) and approximately how many people you would like to enroll. There is no obligation to request this info.

Will you write my résumé for me?
Sorry, Build Your Future is not a résumé writing service. We do offer an excellent course on résumé writing, though. Your résumé needs to be updated with each job you have. But you also need to adapt your information to each company's individual job listings. That's why Build Your Future's Résumé Writing course is highly recommended. And it's less expensive than one trip to a résumé writing service!